Machine translation, angel or demon?

Not took a second to decide to attend at the very moment in which we saw that these early days CervanTIC would have a specially dedicated to the automatic translation block. Not because in Trágora training are major advocates of this… how to call it? Mode? Trend? Does it threaten? Haggler? Solution for all ills?… For this reason we could not miss the cast of paper that constituted this block, because we do not know exactly what is machine translation or are their advantages or disadvantages.

Were they responsible for shedding light on the matter:

  • Fernando Moreno-Torres Camy. BERCA Translator. Paper: Automatic translator Victor Translator.
  • Celia Rico. Universidad Europea de Madrid. Presentation: Project IN.MIGRA2-CM. The migrant population of the community of Madrid. Multidisciplinary study and sociolinguistic integration tools.
  • Juan Antonio Pérez Ortiz. University of Alicante / Apertium project. Paper: Apertium: collaborative development of an open-source machine translation platform.
  • Maria Illescas Goldaracena / Berta Fernandez Ceballos. Paper: Choice of suppliers of machine translation and selection of a new engine.

Among them were two rapporteurs:

Juan Antonio Pérez with the Apertium project, which, from the outset, said the utility of automated translation:

«Thanks to the automatic translation we can get us to buy in a shop online, for example. But it is not a quality translation».

The second revelation was Celia Rico, Professor of theUniversidad Europea de Madrid, directed by a complete project for machine translation the social third sector, there where it is necessary to communicate and where only reach NGOs and mediation services performed by volunteers. Celia made clear that currently the automatic translation does not offer quality and, if we want it to use for professional purposes, you must have a manual review by a professional, and must also be with the perception of quality by professional and the end user.

Then, is the machine translation a good thing or a bad thing? We are going to take the jobs or going to do something that we’ve never done before? Is machine translation focused to the user who would never pay for a professional translation? Can you professionalize machine translation? They were too many questions that were unanswered during the CervanTIC, therefore we have offered to Celia Rico that passes through the #HangoutsTrágora and clear all doubts from our viewers. He agreed and here you have it.

It was a rewarding session and we understand why there is so much effort to create a machine to translate all languages of the world and that transfer science movies fiction like Star Trek or the Hitchhiker, guide and to thefantastic world of comics, in which the Green Lantern power ring has the ability to translate and interpret all the languages of the universe.